Tuesday, August 19, 2014


A laminator is the most popular machine for teachers at the beginning of the year. It's a machine that you use to protect your worksheets or construction paper. It melts two pieces of plastic together on either side of the sheet. I've had to wait in line a lot for this machine all week. I was able to sneak in a few sheets during break today. Naturally when I needed it later, it was broken. I have several more things I need to laminate. I hope someone fixes it for when I get to school tomorrow afternoon after my all day workshop. I heard I could go to a store and pay to laminate, but I'm sure that will cost a lot. There is not enough time in a day to do everything I need to do!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


I've had my passport for 10 years already! I got it in 2004 for my trip to Germany. Unfortunately now that it has been 10 years, it's about to expire. It's annoying that I have to spend like $125 to renew it. Since I go on 42398 cruises, I better renew it. I printed out the application to do so. It's just sitting in my room. I'll do it eventually. I'm just trying to survive the first few weeks of school. Once things die down, then maybe I'll spend more money because that's what I love doing oh so much.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Have you ever had a day where no matter how much you drink, you're still thirsty? That's me today. I have had so much water and powerade today on this 90° humid day and I am still thirsty. If I keep drinking, I'll be up all night going to the bathroom. You have to stay hydrated on days like this when I sweat by breathing. I stepped outside at 10 this morning to go shopping and I sweat! On a side note, I spent another $25 on school supplies at the Dollar Tree today. Three teacher friends and I went in and it was like Christmas morning for us because they had some awesome supplies for teachers and the Dollar Tree is now the only dollar store where everything really is a dollar. I found bulletin board borders that I will use that would have cost probably $5 a piece at the store specifically designed for teachers that I'll be going to sometime this week. Who says the dollar store doesn't sell good stuff?

Saturday, August 16, 2014


One good thing about my new school is that they are allowing me to spend $150 on school supplies and then I will get the money back. I have to bring the secretary my receipts. I've spent about $40 already. I need to do some more shopping next week once I get a better idea of what I need. I already have 482390393 and a half pencils, high lighters, permanent markers, crayons, paper, notebooks, folders, etc. I think I'll be buying stuff for bulletin boards and maybe some more decorative stuff. Since I'm a guy, I don't have a decorative bone in my body. But I have to make my room look pretty for the parents and kids when they come in Friday!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

It amazes me that one person starts something on social media and then it becomes huge. The ice bucket challenge is that you either have to dump ice water over your head, or donate to a charity for ALS. We should all be donating to ALS instead of dumping water on our heads, but most people are just dumping water on their heads. There are many people that are dumping water on their heads and donating, which is awesome. My brother nominated me to do the challenge a few days ago and I declined. Yesterday, another friend nominated me and a few friends begged me to do it. So I decided to dump water on my head. It was pretty fun actually. I unfortunately did not donate money to ALS. Maybe next time.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Door Prizes

At the end of orientation today, they gave away door prizes. They gave us each one ticket and called numbers. All of the prizes were gift cards to various local and chain restaurants. They made a huge mistake. They didn't call my number! Since I'm so cheap, I was really hoping to get a gift card to whatever restaurant. Oh well. I'm glad orientation is over! I start workshops in my school on Monday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So Much Information

I just finished my second day of 1st year teacher orientation. Since I have under 6 months of teaching experience, I have to go to these orientations. Some of the sessions are dreadfully boring. Others have been pretty decent. The website on my district page has an insane amount of resources for all subjects. It's incredible. I spent yesterday and today downloading many documents from this website because I know I will have to use it. At least I have gotten some useful information from these sessions.