Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Screaming at kids is never fun. I've been told many, many times by my mentor that I can't scream at the kids because they will stop listening to you once you start screaming. I understand that. However, if I have a bunch of kids doing the wrong thing, a simple, "Stop doing that," in a calm voice will do nothing to stop them. Screaming will get their attention. I screamed about 5 times today... BEFORE THE BELL RANG AT 7:45!!! My kids do not know when enough is enough. They do not care about incentives, rewards, or punishments. It has no affect on them. It's depressing and beyond frustrating. It clearly shows I'm a terrible classroom manager no matter what anyone else says to me. I hate hearing excuses like, "It's ok, you're a new teacher. You will learn the tricks and get better. It's because their home life isn't good and their parents don't discipline them." Kids need to know how to behave and when to turn off their voices and bitterness towards everyone and everything. I understand the horrible saying, "Kids will be kids", but my class is off the chain. I almost feel like they are worse than last years class. It's nuts! Deeeeeeeep breaths. Tomorrow is a new day. Deeeeeeeep breaths!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kid Tricked Me

Because of my heightened alert of cockroaches, especially after one almost landed on my head last night in my house, one of my kids easily tricked me. She had no idea how much I despise cockroaches. So today, she had a pack of gum just sitting on her desk with one stick left. I said, "You know you're now allowed to have gum." She said, "It's not gum." I picked it up and pulled out the piece that was in the pack and out came a fake cockroach attached to the fake stick of gum. I jumped 10 feet in the air! I'm lucky I didn't swear or scream. She got me good and I'm not afraid to admit it. That was after seeing a cockroach crawling on the floor at school near the girls bathroom. We weren't able to kill it before it kept going wherever it went. I have no idea if anyone found that roach or not. Knowing my luck, it's in my classroom waiting for me and producing more roaches. Ugh! I can never get away from those stupid things!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reason number 43940 why I need to Move back to New York

I found out the most ridiculous thing the other day. While doing my first quarter grades tonight, I cringed while doing this. We are not allowed to give lower than a 60% for the quarter. You read that correctly. I have to bump up grades that are lower than a 60. I had a kid with a 35%, but I nearly doubled his grade to a 60. Does a 60 look better on the report card? Of course it does. It probably makes the parent feel like their kid isn't doing that bad. I felt morally wrong changing kids grade to a better grade, even though a 60 is still failing. Parents need to know the exact grade their child has so that they can help him/her improve. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


My friends and I went to the Sonic less than a mile from my school on Friday night and it was closed. We had no idea why it would be closed at 7:30PM on a Friday night. Yesterday, we went back to the same Sonic for ice cream because we are fat. This time it was open. We asked them why they were closed the day before and what they said was the last answer we were expecting. The employee casually said that a sex offender had been shot by police officers at that Sonic. That's scary! Like I said, that Sonic is a mile away from my school. I'm surprised my school didn't have a lock down. It's scary to know that there are so many bad people still out there!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Haunted Hayride

The haunted hayride wasn't as exciting as we were hoping it would be. There were times when it was a little startling. However, there was a lot of talking about the history of the cemetery. Near Halloween, that's not what we were looking for. We went back to Festival Park today and checked out the food trucks and other festivities. As expected, it was packed. I loved being out on October 25th and it was 70 degrees. That doesn't happen in New York!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Festivities

We are celebrating Halloween a week early. We are doing a haunted hayride downtown tonight. I've actually never done anything like this before. It should be fun. Short post tonight. I have nothing exciting to say. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you how the hayride was.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dollar Store

There's only 1 true dollar store left, Dollar Tree. Everything else is much more than a dollar. Dollar General is where everything is generally much more than a dollar. Family Dollar is expensive too. Yes, normally most of the stuff in any dollar store is garbage. But I've been getting a lot of stuff from the Dollar Tree lately. Today, I bought some Halloween pencils for my kids and some other useful things. I have no shame buying things from the dollar store because I'm cheap and try to save money any way I can.