Friday, January 30, 2015

Tax Time

It's that time of year again! For the past 27 years, my mom has done my taxes for me. Thanks mom! All I have had to do was read the numbers to her while she plugged them in. I don't have mom here to help me this time. I don't have a clue how to do it. Luckily, my bank will do it for me. I heard someone say it was free for them to do this. I asked them yesterday and they said it depended on how much money I make. We will see. I am still waiting on some forms from places. My taxes will be a little challenging for whoever because I lived in New York for a few weeks and have a few W2 forms from there as well as my North Carolina forms. I hope I make some money back!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Error Given to Students

I was showing my kids a StudyJams video from Scholastic about classifying triangles today. They have a little test at the end of it. One of the questions was what type of triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles? The kids knew the answer to be equilateral triangle. I clicked that and the website said it was wrong. They said the correct answer was a scalene triangle. That is absolutely incorrect. I told the kids that. I also emailed Scholastic to tell them of the error and they immediately emailed me back apologizing. It surprises me that no one else has emailed them about the error. Hopefully they will fix this so other students don't get confused!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Is there anything better than s'mores? A lot of things, but s'mores are delicious! I just hosted Wednesday night dinner. For dessert, I started a fire in my fireplace (without burning my place down) and we ate s'mores. It was a great night to cap a horrible day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Syracuse at UNC

I went to the Syracuse UNC game last night. UNC didn't look good at all the first half. They were down 5 at half. They had 19 turnovers in the game. They really picked it up second half and ended up winning by 10. I fully realize that my friend and I have problems because we go to so many games. That was game 2 in three days. Now we have a long stretch until we go to our next game one week from yesterday. I'm just trying to enjoy everything I can while I can!

Monday, January 26, 2015

I Did It

I had my kids start their journals today. I showed them this blog and told them I write everyday. I explained to them that my goal with this is for them to improve their writing and so theey can look back at this years from now and have memories. Like I said last night, they didn't like the idea. Then when they started creating their journals they got somewhat excited. Then when it came time to write, they said they didn't know what to write. It'll take some time but this will be good for them...I hope!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Maybe Tomorrow

I was just thinking about what I said in one of my first blog posts here. It was the blog post where I said I was going to start writing every single day. That post was on May 24, 2012. In that post, I said that when I got my own classroom, I was going to have my students write a few sentences each day in a journal. Unfortunately I did not do that this year. I didn't even think to do it. I was so busy and nervous at the beginning of the year that it slipped my mind. I guess I could start it now. I'm not sure. I think it would be a good idea. I know for a fact that my students wouldn't like it. I also know that if it turned out the way I hope it does, my students' writing will benefit from it. I'm going to talk to the other 4th grade teachers tomorrow and see what they think about the idea.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Game 1 of 3 in 10 days

I went to South Carolina today to see the number 1 ranked team Kentucky play at South Carolina. They looked vulnerable today. Their defense is unstoppable. They only let up 43 points. However, they looked sloppy at times. They missed a lot of free throws. They could have easily won by more than 15. There were times they looked brilliant though. South Carolina didn't want to shoot the ball today. They seemed scared every time they went down the court. They also missed a ton of shots. It was a great atmosphere since it was a sell out crowd of 18,000. I loved how it only cost $5 to park right near the arena. It's going to cost $10 to park at UNC Monday and we will have to walk quite a ways. I wish today's game was more competitive. It was for the first 16 minutes of the first half then Kentucky took over. I'm excited for Monday's game of Syracuse at UNC!